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Featured speakers:

Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst at 451 Research

Laz Vekiarides, Co-founder and CTO of ClearSky Data

Can storage with an edge eliminate infrastructure, reduce TCO by 50%, and get you to the cloud?

The world of storage is changing driven by demands for agility, lower investment risks, and location-independent data.  To meet performance and access demands, today’s enterprises demand that storage be closer to where it is generated – at the edge.  They must ensure performance and complete data lifecycle management, while making sure that the right data is in the right location when it’s needed to deliver value.  Current traditional storage and cloud data management approaches are acutely limited when trying to get data to widely distributed locations. However, the movement to multi-cloud and the pull of edge computing have created an opportunity that boosts the agility of enterprises’ most essential asset – data.

In this webinar, we will discuss: 

  • Market trends driving infrastructure investment
  • Current and new approaches for tackling data storage and management
  • How edge-based storage as a service can make the cloud work for the demands of enterprises’ applications, without the need to re-architect data infrastructure for each new application or location
  • How to ensure the data enterprise end-users depend on is protected and always available on-demand 
  • The edge-way to eliminate infrastructure, reduce storage costs, and successfully get to the cloud.

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