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Panel Webcast: Blazingly Fast Storage-as-a-Service For Rich Media Production Environments!

For many years, Digital Media Companies have searched for non-disruptive Cloud-Based Storage options that did not interfere with production. Hundreds of users, trying to produce work with large files under deadlines have demanded local storage offsite backups that happen overnight.  Real-time offsite backup was not an option...until now!

Download this webinar and learn:

  • How to ensure real-time access to large production files for collaboration without latency or performance issues
  • How to store, protect, manage, and retrieve rich media assets, without affecting production
  • How to get to the cloud like you’ve never been able before, with fast local cache and workflows that don’t change
  • What it takes to bridge the gap between on-premises performance and the agility/economics of the cloud

In this session, Sandy Alexander, a large-graphics communications company that serves the Fortune 500, shares valuable lessons on the power of cloud-forward services to greatly reduce storage costs and the amount of time spent managing backup and restoring data; and how the team is now spending less time deploying, configuring, and managing on-premises equipment.

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  • Justin Fredericks, IT Lead, Sandy Alexander
  • Mike Gershowitz, CRO, NAPC
  • Robert Pelmas, CTO, NAPC
  • Robert Stevenson, Senior Solutions Architect, ClearSky