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Date & Time:
Thurs., June 14th at 1:00pm ET

Featured speaker:
Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance

Stop the madness: Three questions to ask before choosing better backup.

According to ClearSky's IT Leadership Survey,  the majority  data growth in enterprises today is driven by data retention needs. Yes, not new data, just the management and protection of the data we already have. 
Enterprises are being held captive by data protection requirements and past-gen infrastructure. While the cloud presents tremendous opportunity, the majority of data-driven enterprises aren't able to count on it for predictable, high-performance workloads and continue to operate in multiple on-prem data centers. 
Stop the backup madness. 
Welcome to the ClearSky way. What if you could get on-demand storage with flash performance, complete offsite backup and DR and never make another copy of data again? Well, enterprises across all industries are already doing just that and you can be too. 
On June 14th, we'll discuss the power of built-in offsite backup and DR as a service including ClearSky customer success stories that highlight just how much time, money and effort is being saved by deploying ClearSky's on-demand, hybrid cloud storage service.
Here are a few feature highlights:
  • Built-in offsite backup and DR at no additional cost
  • No copies
  • No secondary infrastructure
  • Automatically extends to multiple public clouds
  • On-demand DR with RPO 0 and RTO < 1min
  • 50% cost reduction compared to traditional storage solutions
Join us and see how we can help you stop the backup madness and gain on-demand, high-performance storage with built-in offsite backup and DR today. 
Your data, accessible anywhere - on-prem or in the cloud.  
Consume storage. Don't buy it. 

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