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GDPR-Compliant Cloud Storage-as-a-Service with Built-in Data Protection

ClearSky GDPR


Enforceable in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is placing unprecedented pressure on enterprise IT organizations and compliance officers to work together to meet GDPR requirements, which include:

  • Protecting EU personal data regardless of the organization’s location 
  • Implementing measures to protect personal data:  how it is collected, used and stored 
  • Ensuring 72-hour reporting window for suspected or detected breaches

More than ever, you need storage solutions from vendors that understand your security concerns and can prove they can limit your exposure and help you avoid steep financial penalties.   


Clearsky Data’s unique approach to cloud storage-as-a-service at the edge was built with multiple layers of security and data protection as its foundations:

  • All data is always automatically encrypted in transit and at rest

  • End-to-end security over networks with Transport Layer Security (TLS)

  • Knowledge of all facilities used to house your data including provider (where relevant) and physical location

  • Single point of ingress/egress (no back doors into the service)

  • Guaranteed 99.999% data durability
  • Guaranteed 99.999% uptime

  • Air-gapped ransomware protection

  • Independent security audit validation

Encryption Keys
at the Edge

All customer data is automatically encrypted at rest and in transit.  Encryption keys are always under exclusive control of the customer.


Audit trail of all customer activities related to storage management:
  • Volume creation/deletion
  • User authentication
  • Storage performance (IOPS, Cache, Hit Rates, etc., Snapshot/Restore Actions)


Customers choose locations of backing cloud and caches.  Data is transmitted over private networks.

With ClearSky,
you can meet your GDPR compliance requirements and:

data protection

Get data protection against breaches, failures and disasters

Limit your Exposure

Limit your exposure to loss of productivity and data


Gain limitless storage capacity on-demand


Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere


Reduce storage TCO by more than 50%

Resources for GDPR:

“Our teams cannot detect differences in system performance while accessing data that we manage ourselves versus the data managed by ClearSky, which is a huge benefit. And we now meet or exceed security compliance for industry, federal and state data security and privacy requirements, which was our primary goal.”
Brent Richter | Director, ERIS

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