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High-Performance NAS with Cloud-based Primary Storage-as-a-Service, Offsite Backup and DRaaS



Enterprise IT organizations are struggling to cope with the growth of unstructured data – video, audio, medical images and records, CAD/CAM drawings and other files.  Traditional on-premises NAS are running out of capacity, lack data protection, and have poor performance, resulting in:

  • Growing exposure to security risks
  • Increased complexity
  • High, unpredictable costs


ClearSky Data’s high-performance NAS provides a fundamentally different NAS architecture to deliver on-demand primary storage, offsite backup, and DR as a complete, fully managed service, enabling you to plug in and access your file workloads anywhere with: 

  • Flash performance

  • High-Availability

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest

  • Built-in cloud-based data protection
  • Snapshot technology for ransomware protection

  • NFS and SMB support

  • Windows Active Directory and Kerberos integration
  • Built-in anti-virus

  • Audit logging (NFS, SMB)


Enterprise-grade security and High-Availability, backed by SLAs. Automatic data protection.  Restore on-demand. Ransomware protection.


Single solution that covers primary, offsite backup and DRaaS translates into one vendor to call for support. No time-consuming management of disparate systems or costly infrastructures. 


A fraction of the cost of conventional NAS solutions. No need for backup, DR or replication licenses. Highly effective use of storage and network resources.

With our solution
for enterprise NAS, you can:


Address NAS availability and protection


Get high performance with minimal footprint


Buy a single copy of data and access it anywhere


Scale up and down on-demand


Pay only for what you use

Resources for High-Performance NAS:

"Enterprise research infrastructure and services needed only to manage a single, durable copy of its data, stored in the ClearSky cloud."
Brent Richter | Director, ERIS
"ERIS still has its own on-premises storage for some workloads, and researchers can’t tell any difference when they’re working with the data ERIS manages or when they’re working with data in ClearSky. The cache we have on-premises is all flash, so it’s fast, and whenever there’s a cache miss, which is rare, the service just pulls it from the nearby point of presence."
Brent Richter | Director, ERIS

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