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All-in-One Primary and Secondary Cloud Storage Service at the Edge for High-Performance Block Storage

On Demand Primary Storage for Block Systems


Managing today’s enterprise storage is costly and complex. You wish you could shrink your on-premises footprint by leveraging the cloud for your high-performance block applications and databases beyond basic storage. But when it comes to your mission-critical systems, the cloud:  

  • Lacks enterprise-level data management and protection capabilities
  • Introduces latency and unpredictable performance
  • Becomes cost-prohibitive with egress fees     


ClearSky Data’s high-performance block solution provides primary cloud storage service at the edge with built-in offsite backup and DR - as a single service.  With ClearSky’s service, you gain:

  • The performance of on-premises storage with the scalability and economics of the cloud 

  • High-Availability (HA)

  • Freedom from having to pay to access your own data in the cloud (no egress fees)
  • Reduced storage TCO by more than 50%

  • Instant recoveries and unlimited recovery points
  • Air-gapped ransomware protection 
  • Guaranteed 99.999% data durability
  • Guaranteed 99.999% uptime

NVMe Flash

Production applications and end users get SLA-backed high performance, low latency and anywhere access to mission-critical data.

Data Protection & Security

Complete and integrated backup and DRaaS. End-to-end encryption, at rest and in transit meet SOC-2, HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Simplified Storage,
Dramatic Cost Savings

No secondary data center footprint. No separate DR SAN.  No WAN connections. No backup licenses. No archival costs. No egress fees for data access.

With our solution,
you can:

Eliminate Secondary Storage

Eliminate the need for secondary storage

Backups And Restores

Protect against failure and disaster with instant backup & restore

Ensure high performance

Ensure high performance

Limitless Capacity

Gain limitless capacity on-demand

Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere

Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere

Resources for High-Performance Block:

"ClearSky’s service gives us the best of both worlds: the resiliency, infinite capacity and redundancy of the cloud, and the very low latency of the edge. The service is simple to manage, performance is excellent, and we now have fast access to the data we need on-demand."
Justin Fredericks | IT lead, Sandy Alexander
"ClearSky Data allows customers like us in the legal industry to move into a true hybrid cloud infrastructure and reduce the cost and complexity of storage, backup and DR for critical data, including eDiscovery."
Ken Adams | CIO, Miles & Stockbridge
"Highland is now getting more out of our IT resources, while reducing costs and gaining all the benefits of the cloud. This is an overhaul we never could have done on our own; we needed a partner, and ClearSky continues to be just that."
Rob Bemis | Vice President of Global Infrastructure, Highland Capital Partners
"As Nuance has grown, we’ve increased our infrastructure footprint globally. ClearSky gives us a single, durable copy of our data – complete with instant protection and value – through an on-demand consumption model that allows us to scale as needed."
Craig Preston | Vice President of IT, Nuance Communications

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