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On-Demand Primary Storage at the Edge
with Built-In Offsite Data Protection

The traditional data center model cannot scale to support today’s data growth. Analyst firms are projecting annual generation of over 170 Zettabytes of data by 2023. For enterprise IT organizations, this translates into a huge consumption of primary storage capacity, which requires backup and DR infrastructures to be provisioned, secured, scaled, and maintained. It is a tall order that is not sustainable in the long run for high-performance block systems and large scale NAS.

ClearSky Data provides fully managed primary cloud storage-as-a-service that delivers flash performance at the edge and in the cloud, with built-in data protection, enterprise-grade scale, security, and guaranteed High-Availability (HA).


Block System

All-in-one primary and secondary cloud storage service at the edge for high-performance block systems
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NAS System

High-performance NAS with cloud-based primary storage-as-a-service, offsite backup and DRaaS
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With ClearSky Data you can fully:

  • Consume primary storage on-demand, as a service, and scale elastically as needed
  • Reduce costs by +50% immediately
  • Gain on-prem, edge, and multi-cloud data access, with unparalleled security and protection for high-performance workloads
  • Achieve rapid access to the cloud without migration or replication

How we do it:

ClearSky Data’s cloud storage service with built-in offsite backup and DRaaS combines the performance and the availability of local enterprise storage with the scalability and economics of the cloud.

ClearSky Data’s patented edge-based service automatically optimizes data across its lifecycle. It gives enterprises limitless data access from multiple locations, complete with flash performance, comprehensive protection, encryption and simplified data management.


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