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Edge-based High-Performance Hybrid Cloud Storage-as-a-Service with Built-in Data Protection for VMware

ClearSky Data Protection - VMWARE


Your VMware environment is struggling to cope with data growth, resources management, networking, storage, backup and disaster recovery. 

You need an innovative approach to protecting your VMware infrastructure to avoid the pitfalls of current solutions that are too expensive and difficult to manage.  For instance:

  • Hyper-converged solutions are port-intense, have stitched-together backup/DR, and force you and your team to spend a lot of time managing data replication  
  • On-premises, legacy solutions typically require buying lots of raw storage multiple years ahead of the need in multiple locations.  This forces you to have multiple storage arrays, software and data center footprints to manage.


ClearSky Data’s innovative, edge-based approach to cloud storage service simplifies storage, eliminates infrastructure and gets you to the cloud. Its all-in-one integrated high-performance hybrid cloud storage-as-a-service for VMware provides:

  • Primary storage, with built-in offsite backup, DR and archive, as a single service
  • All-Flash NVMe performance for application data  
  • Native VMware tools to manage data access
  • Automatic VMware migration to the cloud
  • Multi-point VMware access from ClearSky’s edge connection points

  • Monitoring and error remediation with 24x7 support from ClearSky Data’s NOC support center 
  • Air-gapped ransomware protection
  • Guaranteed 99.999% data durability

  • Guaranteed 99.999% uptime

  • Instant recoveries and unlimited recovery points with RPO 0 in-metro, 5-15 min out of metro; RTO <1min, instant restores

Cloud Scale, Economics and

Limitless capacity with on-demand usage. Pay-as-you-go model for monthly billing based on consumption, not capacity provisioned.  Workload tiering guarantees the active data stays close to compute. Built-in durable copy of the entire data set. Rapid data ingest +20TB/day. 

Unparalleled Protection
and Security

Built-in backup and DR.  Point-in-time integrated snapshots and unlimited clones for instant recovery.  DR tests on-demand. Increased security with data encryption at rest and in transit, customers control the key. Full compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC-2 and other regulations.

Reduces Storage TCO
by 50%

No secondary data center footprint.  No separate primary and DR SAN. No data replication. No backup licenses. No cloud egress fees. No WAN connections.

With our solution,
you can:

Eliminate Secondary Storage

Eliminate the need for secondary storage

Backups And Restores

Get instant backups and restores for protection against failures and disasters

Ensure high performance

Ensure high performance

Gain limitless capacity on-demand.

Gain limitless capacity on-demand

Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere

Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere

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