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On-Demand Cloud Storage-as-a-Service with Built-in Data Protection for NAS

ClearSky Data Protection NAS


The unabated growth of data and its staggering prediction of unstructured data growth, including home directories, departmental shares, and application data sets, worry you sick.

  • You have critical file workloads that are too large for daily or weekly backups  
  • Your backups are incomplete 
  • Your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for Business Continuity (BC) is either poor or non-existent
As much as you want to protect and secure the massive amounts of critical NAS data, you know that’s not possible with current solutions.  Instead, you will need a new approach that leverages the cloud to cost-effectively decrease risk and complexity, lower TCO and ensure happy end-users – in any situation.


ClearSky Data delivers an innovative approach to NAS that is a proven and SLA guaranteed.  Its simplified on-demand cloud storage-as-a-service at the edge with built-in data protection for NAS offers: 

  • Single solution for on-demand primary, offsite backup and DR

  • Large scale NAS with full data protection and encryption at rest and in transit
  • NFS & SMB/CIFS support with Windows Active Directory

  • Flash performance with automatic data protection and enterprise grade security

  • Guaranteed High-Availability and simplified management
  • The performance of on-premises storage with the scalability and economics of the cloud
  • Guaranteed 99.999% data durability
  • Guaranteed 99.999% uptime

On-demand Access to File

On-demand service.  Plug-in and access your file workloads on demand anywhere, when you need it, with security, unlimited scalability, and high performance. Provision and scale storage on-demand.

Built-in Data
Protection and Security

All data is stored offsite in a combination of a Point of Presence (POP) and the backing cloud as part of the write process, eliminating the need to backup it up later.  Compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and SOC-2. Instant recoveries and unlimited recovery points. Air-gapped ransomware protection.

Dramatic Cost Savings.
No Disruption

Reduced storage TCO by more than 50 percent. No secondary data center footprint. No separate DR. No WAN connections.  No backup licenses. No archival costs. No egress fees for data access. Quick and easy to deploy. No disruption. No impact to your existing workloads.  Pay only for what you use.

With our solution,
you can:

Eliminate Secondary Storage

Eliminate the need for secondary storage

Backups And Restores

Get backups and restores for protection against failures and disasters

Ensure high performance

Ensure high performance

Scale _ Limitless on Demand@2x

Gain limitless capacity on-demand

Pay for one copy@2x

Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere

Resources for Data Protection for NAS:

"We were thinking about how do we get audit controls, full backup and high availability built into a file storage system that can be used at the endpoint and that still carries the nested permissions that can be shared across the workgroups within our firewall."
Brent Richter | Director, ERIS

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