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High-Performance Cloud Storage Service with Built-in Data Protection for Block, NAS and VMware

Your secondary storage is consuming your limited IT resources while your other strategic projects are suffering:

  • Your backup and DR environments are increasingly complex to manage and costly to maintain
  • You can’t keep up with rising costs of storing and managing backup copies for your growing data
  • Compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR and corporate retention policy is not as strong as it should be

Wish you could eliminate infrastructure, stop replicating data, boost security and ensure data protection?

ClearSky Data’s unique approach to cloud storage at the edge takes the burden of backup and DR off your shoulders.   



Cloud storage service at the edge with built-in protection for block data
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Edge-based high-performance hybrid cloud storage-as-a-service with built-in data protection for VMware
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On-demand cloud storage-as-a-service at the edge with built-in data protection for NAS
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With ClearSky Data you can fully have:

  • Freedom from disparate and costly infrastructure
  • Single, all-in-one cloud storage-as-a-service at the edge with built-in offsite backup and DRaaS
  • Automatic and instant backup and availability for DR, without replication
  • All-Flash NVMe performance
  • Support for scale up NAS
  • Native VMware integration
  • Automatic VMware migration to the cloud
  • Pay-as-you-grow model with on-demand scale and data access anywhere
  • Built-in innovative approach to enterprise data security
  • Multi-cloud storage for high-performance applications including IoT, machine learning, and patient sensitive data

How we do it:

Unlike other storage approaches, resilience and data protection are integral to the ClearSky storage architecture. By leveraging the architecture and building redundancy into all cache layers and network paths, ClearSky is able to provide an enterprise-class service with guaranteed high availability. 

Data is immediately and automatically stored offsite in the public cloud, providing unlimited capacity on-demand while delivering built-in protection of all of your data. If something goes wrong, you can immediately present your data at your primary data center or another site.

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