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Hybrid Storage-as-a-Service at the Edge with Data Protection for Effective Cloud Data Migration

Data Migration Cloud Migration


Corporate data growth isn’t just a storage problem. It’s an enterprise IT infrastructure challenge that impacts business revenues, corporate retention policies, data security and protection. While your management and IT directors agree that cloud storage is cheap, scalable and cloud-native, they are not willing to proceed without first addressing common challenges associated with migrating data to the cloud:

  • The amount of time it takes to migrate Terabytes/Petabytes of data from on-premises’ systems to the public cloud
  • Potential data loss, out of sync data, latency, unpredictable performance, network connection costs, and high egress costs
  • Specialized resources needed


ClearSky Data solves your cloud data migration problems with its complete, all-in-one hybrid cloud storage service at the edge with built-in backup and DR.

  • A quick, easy and cost-effective way to migrate to the cloud

  • Eliminate complex provisioning of expensive data centers
  • Re-focus your IT time and resources to other more strategic business projects
  • Guaranteed High-Availability and simplified data management

  • Automatically stores and protects all data
  • No need for replication or backup licenses
  • Elasticity, scale up and down on-demand 
  • Guaranteed Flash performance with hot and warm data stays within 120 miles ensuring flash performance.  All data is stored in the public cloud the customer chooses. 
  • Enterprise grade certified security and compliance capabilities provide better protection than many on-premises and cloud options.  

  • SOC-2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant with data encrypted in transit and at rest, and the customer keeps the keys.

Simplified, No App
Re-Writes Cloud Data Migration

Migrate your data to the cloud easily and quickly, without re-writing apps or losing data. Eliminate data silos and overprovisioning. Store your data in the most efficient way, near your data center and in the cloud with anywhere access. Pay for a single, durable copy of your data and never replicate.

Built-in Data Protection,
High Performance

SLA-backed low latency. Performance of on-premises storage with the scalability and economics of the cloud. Built-in offsite backup and DR as-a-service. Instant recoveries and unlimited recovery points. Air-gapped ransomware data protection.

Fast Data Migration That is Cost-Effective.
No Disruption.

Fast migration with minimal professional resources. Data moves securely and in a highly optimized way and is ingested into the service at +20TB/day. Reduced storage TCO by more than 50 percent. No disruption. Pay only for what you use.

With our solution,
you can:

Eliminate Secondary Storage

Rapidly migrate to the cloud without re-writing apps

Backups And Restores

Automatically get backups and restores for protection against failures and disasters

Ensure high performance

Ensure high performance


Gain limitless capacity on-demand

Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere

Pay for a single copy of data and access it anywhere

Resources for Cloud Migration:

“As Nuance has grown, we’ve increased our infrastructure footprint globally,” said Craig Preston, Vice President of IT, Nuance Communications. “ClearSky gives us a single, durable copy of our data – complete with instant protection and value – through an on-demand consumption model that allows us to scale as needed.”
Craig Preston | VP of IT Nuance Communications

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