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Migrate, Consolidate, Store and Protect All Data with Simplified and Secure Cloud Storage Service at the Edge

The exponential growth of corporate data is outpacing your IT budget, and, at this rate, you will not have the budget to provision storage capacity that is fully protected. You are under-staffed and, in the long run, continuing to buy more and more hardware for storage is not a sustainable strategy.  You need a solution that can help you:

  • Control your storage costs
  • Consolidate and decrease footprint
  • Migrate to the cloud without the burden of latency, performance or egress costs

Powered by an innovative edge-based cloud storage service architecture, ClearSky Data provides data migration solutions that help you unwind complex data center footprint, eliminate consolidation nightmares, and migrate to the cloud without re-writing apps: 


Data Center Migration

Cost-effective and simplified data center migration for enterprise data
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Seamless cloud migration with edge-based cloud storage service with built-in data protection
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With ClearSky Data you gain:

  • Fast migration with rapid data ingest +20TB/day
  • Instant workload migration to secondary data center and managed cloud
  • Guaranteed flash performance with automatic data protection and security
  • Simplified storage, which eliminates/avoids/decreases infrastructure costs
  • Predictable costs with a pay-as-you-use model
  • No latency for data stored in the cloud
  • Aggressive RPO = zero and RTO in minutes, instead of hours
  • Reduced storage costs by more than 50 percent
  • Automatic failover recovery
  • No cloud egress fees
  • Complete data mobility/portability without data copying

How we do it:

Each data center contains a ClearSky Edge Cache so users can access data from whichever data center is running. Both Edge Cache instances are connected to a pair of metro PoPs (for redundancy) using dedicated high-speed network connections (part of the service). Behind the PoPs, a private long-haul network provides a high-speed, high-bandwidth connection to the Backing Cloud.

If the primary data center goes down, taking that Edge Cache with it, an IT administrator can use the ClearSky Storage Manager web dashboard to migrate data volumes or snapshot clones to the DR site, where they are exposed for users via the Edge Cache in that location. In VMware environments, an administrator can also access the ClearSky Service through vCenter to perform application-specific migrations.


ClearSky Architecture

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