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On demand storage with built in protection

On demand storage with built in protection

Data management can be a difficult, manual process. The effort is multiplied when you consider trying to back up and protect all that data, all those workloads and apps. There is another way: on-demand storage with all the protection built-in.

Offsite backup and DR in the cloud
Don't struggle to manage a separate backup and DR solution, automatically back up your data and be prepared for any outage using the cloud. Once you're working in the cloud for primary, leave the rest to us.

Storage that protects your data automatically
Trying to do backup and DR manually presents another problem: multiple copies of your data that aren't easily accessible. Store your data once and forget about it. As your needs change, data is automatically shifted from hot, to warm, to cold storage. This means protection that's inherent, not added on as an extra.

As much primary as you need - no more, no less
Overprovisioning means wasted IT spend that no company can afford. With on-demand, elastic storage, if you need more? Expand automatically. Need less? Decrease capacity just as easily. You're never stuck with too much, or too little.


The ClearSky solution: self-protecting primary storage as-a-service

data protection
Get to the cloud
Stop replicating

Protect your data.

Whether it's frequently used app data or archived information that is rarely accessed, it's all protected.

Get to the cloud.

When an outage does happen, with our metro POP centers, your RTO is 0, and your RPO is 0.

Stop replicating.

Expand or contract your storage footprint as your needs change, easily, securely, quickly.

How we do it.

Elastic storage: plug into the ClearSky service to get...

Patented Smart-Tiered Caching®: Automatically optimizes your data across the entire lifecycle

Edge caching: Keep your hot and warm data close to its users at the edge and ensure RTO and RPO of 0

Backing cloud: All data including cold and archived data is stored in multiple locations and available on-demand in the public cloud of your choice

Built-in, offsite data protection: DR built in, eliminating infrastructure, backup licenses, and management

Complete integration with VMware for simple migration

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