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White Paper

Reinventing High-Performance Storage for Splunk

Forty-two percent of all data will qualify as “machine generated” by 2020, according to IDC. This data is generated almost constantly, in copious amounts – in forms such as application logs, sensor data, business process logs and message queues – and it holds a potential gold mine for CIOs and business leaders. To keep up with data growth and seize its opportunities, companies need the right people and the right tools. One of the most prominent and useful tools for making the most of machine data is Splunk, now in use by an estimated 11,000 enterprises worldwide.

However, there is one major obstacle that can bring Splunk-driven insights to a virtual halt: storage.

To maximize the value of Splunk investments, IT leaders need a hybrid approach, one that incorporates the performance and availability that local enterprise storage delivers, but with the vast, expandable capacity and economics the cloud can provide.

ClearSky's Global Storage Network 

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