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Try the ClearSky® service for yourself and see how your enterprise can access all data, anywhere it's needed while elastically scaling up or down on-demand.

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ClearSky Data is a key part of our overall strategy to move to the cloud. After extensive testing of the ClearSky service, we found it delivers as promised: high-performance, low latency, elastic storage on-demand for multiple workloads. Without giving up the benefits of on-premises storage, we’ve gained scalability and cut costs. It’s a compelling consumption model that enables our growing cloud initiatives, and we plan to bring more data into the ClearSky service in the coming months. ” — Jim Noga, CIO Partners HealthCare
ClearSky’s global storage network is the way for enterprises to move their data to the cloud—with the security, performance and availability they need to succeed. At Akamai, we know firsthand how to build a global network that meets the stringent requirements of enterprise customers, and we look forward to working with the ClearSky team to help customers worldwide as they adopt this new approach to enterprise storage. ” — Andy Champagne, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Akamai Labs Akamai
IT organizations face a challenge in deciding between the sovereignty, security and control of on-premises storage vs. the economics and agility of cloud-based storage. It would be really nice if they could have both, and that's precisely what the team at ClearSky Data has done.” — James Green Virtualization Review
With business agility and workload mobility appearing on corporate wishlists, it seems that Ellen Rubin is at the helm of yet another winning start-up.” — Neil Hughes Inc.
With the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics driving the need for more data storage, startups such as ClearSky Data, Inc. that are providing fully-managed global storage network solutions to help the enterprise keep up with its data demands are getting noticed and funded.” — Marlene Den Bleyker SiliconANGLE
If you are not familiar with their technology it is quite simple and brilliant.” — John White, Delegate Tech Field Day