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How this Repeat Entrepreneur is Speeding up Cloud Storage

Inc., 6/28/2016

Inc.Ellen Rubin, chief executive officer and co-founder of ClearSky, has built a career on finding people with outrageous ideas and launching companies that help bring those ideas to fruition.

Her first entrepreneurial endeavor, Netezza, revolutionized data warehousing before it was purchased by IBM in 2010 for nearly $2 billion. After Ellen's second company, CloudSwitch, was named a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner shortly before being acquired by Verizon, it was evident she was onto a winning formula.

Having proved that some of the most successful startups are based on concepts that disregard constraints.  Armed with repeat entrepreneurial creativity, she felt compelled to find out what was holding companies back from cloud adoption. 

Once again, treading the path of insecurity and unpredictability is delivering success for the now CEO and co-founder of ClearSky Data. Understanding corporate concerns proved to be crucial in breaking down traditional barriers to providing new solutions.

It quickly became apparent that despite the current hype around hosted solutions, only around 10% of organizations exist entirely in the cloud. When it comes to the data and infrastructure that is supporting businesses, nobody is ripping everything out to migrate to the cloud.

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