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Enterprise Storage: Still a Land of Opportunity for Those with the Right Vision

Forbes, 9/29/2016


As someone well-placed at a major storage vendor pointed out to me recently, big box storage arrays are going the way of the dinosaur because a single all flash array can replace multiple disk arrays. And for that reason, the all flash revenue potential isn’t anywhere near that of disk even though solid state storage is a hot market. Add to that the fact that storage software can’t make up the shortfall in revenue from exiting disk arrays either and you have a glum near-term outlook for the well-known big box storage vendors.

Nevertheless, enterprise storage is still a land of opportunity for those with the right vision. Remember that those who have traditionally predicted meteoric data growth haven’t backed off. IoT is only the latest data volume generator and more will come when we get to some others now appearing on the horizon like blockchain. So there are now some interesting startups looking to capitalize on some hot storage trends.

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