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19 Techniques to Control the Chaos in Data Storage

Computerworld, 6/27/2016

ComputerworldThere’s very little in this world that can’t generate data – anything that has measurable activity will do it. That includes nearly everything in the business environment, and organizations’ demand for that information is insatiable.

But before data can be analyzed and acted upon, it needs to be captured, stored, and organized. For a long time, IT leaders could ignore the rising tide of data because the cost of storage kept dropping dramatically. Problem is, the cost of managing all that cheap storage has been climbing steadily at the same time.

Storage is spinning out of control. According to a study by Primary Data, 51 percent of surveyed IT administrators manage 10 or more different types of storage. One-third scramble to control 20 different storage resources.

“Where you have multiple architectures and solutions that don’t talk to each other, you have deep complexity and inefficiencies,” noted Vish Mulchand (@vishmulchand), senior director of product management and marketing, HPE Storage. “You have, essentially, technology islands, and that’s probably the single largest factor driving complexity. Islands may be great for vacations, but not for data storage.”

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