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Managed Services
Using A Flexible and Agile Storage Model

Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers (MSPs) are increasingly looking to include managed cloud services in their portfolios. Their customers are demanding a broader range of services that can span on-premises and cloud environments alike. As a result, MSPs are primed for a more flexible storage model – they want to take advantage of the cloud’s scale and economics for customers, as well as internally for improved profitability. MSPs also need access to stored data that’s readily available, whether it’s a workload hosted on-premises or located in a private or public cloud.

Using ClearSky’s storage-as-a-service approach, MSP teams can eliminate the costs and management of replicating data at multiple backup sites. ClearSky helps service providers prove their customers’ data is encrypted and secure, while remaining compliant with industry regulations. 

Using ClearSky’s fully managed service, MSPs can offer customers a secure, logical path for moving primary, backup and DR to the cloud, addressing customers’ storage requirements while optimizing infrastructure within budget — a win-win for everyone.


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Flash Performance with Cloud Elasticity

flash performance and cloud elasticity
We understand the unique data access needs of service providers. ClearSky delivers enterprise storage as a fully managed service, bringing together the elasticity and economics of the cloud with the performance, reliability and — most importantly — the security of on-prem storage.
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flash performance with cloud elasticity
Built-in certified security

Built In,
Certified Security

Built-in certified security

Because our network uses dedicated Ethernet private lines and other private high-speed network connections, we avoid the performance and security challenges associated with public internet circuits. All data is encrypted when it enters the ClearSky service inside your data center and remains encrypted throughout the ClearSky service, in transit and at rest.

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