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How to Define Hybrid Cloud eBook

How to Define Hybrid Cloud:
It's Time to Call the Enterprise's Bluff

Myths, realities and solutions you need to know for hybrid cloud success

Most enterprise IT teams are under pressure from leadership to make hybrid happen – in one way or another. Driven by the public cloud’s promise of low costs and unlimited flexibility, 71 percent of organizations are now using hybrid cloud (according to RightScale). That number increased by 58 percent during the previous year – which shows that interest and adoption certainly aren’t problems.

However, the very defnition of “hybrid” can differ radically between vendors, media and enterprises themselves. This lack of clarity and uncertainty stops hybrid cloud from living up to its potential, and makes it hard for organizations to prove a hybrid project’s success.

Download this eBook to learn about the myths of hybrid cloud and how to build out a successful hybrid cloud strategy.

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