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Webinar Replay

Webinar: Five steps to data protection success

Featured speakers:

Marc Keating, Director of technology and alliance strategy, ClearSky Data

Darren Miller, Manager of engineering test and performance, ClearSky Data

Webinar Replay: Five steps to data protection success

Feeling tethered to storage vendors whose boxes just can’t cut it? Innovation in hybrid cloud, primary storage, backup, and disaster recovery means enterprises should be able to free themselves – and transform how they consume storage and access data.

Watch this webcast to learn about:

  • ways to break the chains of traditional storage – and gain better performance and scalability – while minimizing on-prem investments
  • what Partners Healthcare and other enterprises do to better manage costly, complex data, while taking advantage of hybrid cloud to extend their infrastructure
  • the death of the traditional data center – and why it’s an opportunity for enterprises
  • how to get on-demand primary storage with offsite backup and DR as a single service.

Watch the Webcast