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Featured speakers:

Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance

Enterprise NAS with a Hybrid Cloud Twist

Enterprises are struggling to store and protect massive file workloads, such as medical images/records and CAD/CAM drawings. How can enterprises store and protect file data stored on NAS systems against failures and disasters? Roll your sleeves up-it’s time for answers that make sense. In this webcast, Darren Miller Director, Engineering Test and Performance, is addressing:
  • Traditional on-premises NAS system approach vs. innovative hybrid fully protected scale-up NAS alternative.
  • Addressing NAS High Availability (HA) and data protection problem head-on.
  • Why storing and protecting data with scale-without cloud integration-is costly and inefficient.
  • Recovering NAS data without breaking the bank.
  • And more.

Download this webcast where we examine and address the difficulty IT faces in storing and protecting NAS data.

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