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Eliminate secondary storage and get to the cloud for backup and DR.

Get rid of your secondary storage and get into the cloud for on-demand DR. Whether you already have secondary infrastructure for DR or are getting serious about backup and DR for the first time, the complexity, cost and management requirements of utilizing a secondary storage implementation are serious barriers. From provisioning equipment, to making copy after copy of your data, the secondary data center model is enough to make you want to forget backup and DR altogether.
Thankfully, there is a better way: go to the cloud. Be prepared, for anything, no matter where you are on the backup and DR path - already have an existing multi-site plan or building from the group up - the most important thing about DR is that it works 100 percent of the time, no questions asked.

Stop replicating your data

One of the major drawbacks of traditional backup and DR is the managing multiple copies of the same data. The 3-2-1 rule for data protection drives this home, encouraging companies to keep three copies of data for protection - and, according to Gartner, most companies make up to 10 copies of every piece of data. This presents cost and performance problems, before even trying to manage all these copies. Replace this with the "1 rule" and stop replicating data.

The ClearSky solution: one service, one durable copy, accessed anywhere

data protection
Get to the cloud
Stop replicating

Protect your data.

All your data is stored in multiple cloud locations and available anytime from anywhere.

Get to the cloud.

Get rid of complex, untrustworthy secondary infrastructure and get backup and DR to the cloud. And, get the performance you need for all data for RPO 0 and RTO 0 in the event of an outage.

Stop replicating.

Keep one master copy of your data, no matter where it is in the data lifecycle.
DR on Demand
Eliminate costs

Get DR on-demand.

Scale up (or down) at any time, pay only for what you use.

Eliminate costs.

Don't provision and manage hardware. Get all the storage you need on-demand.

How we do it.

Elastic storage: plug into the ClearSky service to get...

Patented Smart-Tiered Caching®: Automatically optimizes your data across the entire lifecycle

Edge caching: Keep your hot and warm data close to its users at the edge and ensure RTO and RPO of 0

Backing cloud: All data including cold and archived data is stored in multiple locations and available on-demand in the public cloud of your choice

Built-in, offsite data protection: DR built in, eliminating infrastructure, backup licenses, and management

Complete integration with VMware for simple migration

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