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Declare your Backup Independence 

Date & Time:
Thurs., July 19th at 1:00pm ET

Featured speaker:
Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance

Declare Your Backup Independence: 

5 Ways to Get out of Backup and Into Complete Data Protection as-a-Service

During this live session, we'll explore the various ways organizations are approaching the ever-growing backup challenges that come with growing data across on-prem and cloud footprints. 

We'll compare several leading backup architectures and explore how organizations are getting out of doing backup all together and getting complete protection including offsite backup and DR, as a single service. 

Consuming on-demand primary storage with offsite backup and DR as a service allows you to eliminate your secondary data center, consolidate data center footprints, never replicate your data and reduce costs by +50% compared to traditional storage solutions.

Tune in and see for yourself how organizations have declared their backup independence and how you can too.

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