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Break the chains of backup. Declare your Backup Independence.

Your secondary storage is consuming your limited IT budget. Yet, your backup and DR environments are increasingly complex to manage and costly to maintain. Wish you could eliminate infrastructure, decrease storage costs, boost security and data protection?

Our innovative approach to backup leverages an edge-based storage as a service infrastructure with built-in offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR). ClearSky Data service helps you achieve backup independence by taking the burden of backup & DR off your shoulders.

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A simplified approach to data's biggest problem: Backup

A single, durable copy of data that's available anywhere anytime, and is consumed as a service.

Complete and automatic data protection


All types of data, accessible anywhere & at anytime


Freedom from disparate systems, licenses & costly infrastructure


Enterprise level security the moment data enters the service

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Complete & automated Data protection


Store your data once and we will take care of the rest. As your needs change, data is automatically shifted from hot, to warm, to cold storage. This means protection that's inherent, not added on as an extra.

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data access anywhere, anytime

Data access anywhere, anytime


ClearSky’s patented edge-based service automatically optimizes data across its lifecycle, giving enterprises limitless data access from multiple locations.


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Freedom from
disparate & costly infrastructure


The ClearSky Data’s network purpose-built architecture unleashes the true value of multi-cloud storage for high-performance applications, including IoT, machine learning and patience sensitive data. ClearSky Data’s pay-as-you-use model and on-demand scale, makes it the most cost effective way to access your data on any cloud.

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Built in
Enterprise security


The ClearSky Data’s innovative end to end security approach is SOC-2 compliant and keeps data isolated. The customer—and only the customer has access to the encryption keys. Gain peace of mind knowing that your data is secure, protected, and meets security compliance requirements, including GDPR and HIPAA.

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ClearSky does storage better

ClearSky is a fundamentally different storage architecture that combines on-demand primary storage with offsite backup and DR as a single service. The architecture includes innovations that have eluded traditional storage vendors, delivering high performance and low latency for constantly changing data along with unprecedented efficiency and scalability.

Deduplication and file protection
Backup & DR
Primary storage
Native cloud integration
Multi cloud
No replication required
Single, durable copy of data
RPO = 0
RTO < 1 min
Elastic scale on-demand
Eliminate secondary data center
Automatic service updates
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What clients say about Backup Independence

nuance_small “As Nuance has grown, we’ve increased our infrastructure footprint globally. ClearSky gives us a single, durable copy of our data—complete with instant protection and value—through an on-demand consumption model that allows us to scale as needed.” Craig Preston | Vice President of IT
The Diocese of Trenton “In the Diocese of Trenton, we needed on-demand storage with built-in backup and archiving for our produced video programming and event coverage, with easy, rapid access. ClearSky Data delivered, and allows us to eliminate replication and access our video files anytime, anywhere.” Anthony DeLorenzo | Director of Computer Services
logo-miles-and-stockbridge-x250 “The fact that we don’t have to backup to tape anymore these millions of documents—or millions of files—is a great savings.” Ken Adams | CIO
partners-eris-small “We were thinking about how do we get audit controls, full backup and high availability built into a file storage system that can be used at the endpoint and that still carries the nested permissions that can be shared across the workgroups within our firewall.” Brent Richter | Director of ERIS

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backup independence?

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