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A single service that stores and automatically protects all data

Single service storing all data

Provisioning and managing complex, expensive data centers draws heavily on your IT time and resources. There is a better way. Consolidate your data centers and get to the cloud. Plug in to the ClearSky service and get into a hybrid cloud environment that solves all your data needs.

Unwind your complex data center footprint
As companies grow, provisioning storage tends to happen in a haphazard way. You need more capacity, so you add to your data center. You need a backup solution, so you add more to your primary data center and more to a secondary data center. And so on. This complexity draws on resources and prevents your IT organization from running as efficiently as possible.

Get to the cloud without re-writing apps
What if you could get to the cloud easily and quickly, without rewriting apps or losing data? You can. We say "plug-in" to the ClearSky service for a reason - it's simple.

Eliminate consolidation nightmares
We've all been there. Despite the best planning and most careful migration, consolidating data centers can take too long, it can lead to duplicated (or lost) data, it can require complex app rewrites and a lot of additional expense. These nightmares keep many companies from trying to consolidate in the first place, and it's a problem ClearSky solves.


The ClearSky solution: the end of data center limitations

Fast migration
Fully protected

Fast migration

No need for a large professional services project. Your data moves securely and in a highly optimized way and is ingested into the service at +20TB/day.

As-a-service at your service

Stop overprovisioning and eliminate data silos. Your data is stored in the most efficient way, near your data center and in the cloud. However, you pay for a single, durable copy of your data and never have to replicate.

Fully protect

Our certified security and compliance capabilities provide better protection than many on-premises and cloud options. We're SOC 2 and GDPR compliant and all data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and the customer keeps the keys.
Eliminate latency
Reduce costs

Eliminate latency

Hot and warm data stays within 120 miles ensuring flash performance. All data is stored in the public cloud the customer chooses.

Reduce costs

Pay as you go, only for what you need. Expand effortlessly, eliminate duplication, save.

How we do it.

Elastic storage: plug into the ClearSky service to get...

Patented Smart-Tiered Caching®: Automatically optimizes your data across the entire lifecycle

Edge caching: Keep your hot and warm data close to its users at the edge and ensure RTO and RPO of 0

Backing cloud: All data including cold and archived data is stored in multiple locations and available on-demand in the public cloud of your choice

Built-in, offsite data protection: DR built in, eliminating infrastructure, backup licenses, and management

Complete integration with VMware for simple migration

How Does ClearSky compare with other cloud solutions?

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