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You're in good company. Hybrid cloud storage for business.


ClearSky Data healthcare customer

Healthcare organizations continually strive to run more efficiently but also need high performance and stringent security when it comes to managing and accessing sensitive data. Partners Healthcare leverages ClearSky® to reduce its on-premises storage footprint, maintain its high performance and security standards, tap into the network’s inherent data protection and disaster recovery capabilities and harness the agility and economics of the cloud.


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Financial Services

ClearSky Data finance customers

Financial services institutions are trusted with a vast amount of sensitive data. Not only is it critical to protect this data for their clients and their business, its required through stringent regulations such as PCI DSS, GLBA and others. These institutions are hesitant to trust any cloud options for protecting, and quickly accessing, primary data.

The ClearSky fully managed hybrid cloud service—with on-demand primary storage and built-in, offsite backup and DR—provides the performance, security and reliability of on-prem storage with the flexibility and security of the cloud. Financial services institutions can now maintain compliance and security of customers’ sensitive information, while gaining the cost and efficiency benefits of the cloud. 

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Legal Services

Dependence on eDiscovery of electronically stored information (ESI) for lawsuits and litigation continues to grow. For law firms, corporate legal teams and legal service providers, addressing the increasing storage demands of eDiscovery is crucial. Identifying, collecting, producing and protecting relevant ESI is vital. This ESI can include documentation, social media posts, text messages, emails and more. 

It’s important that this information is protected and easily accessible. To achieve this, legal teams and service providers have had to rely on expensive, hard-to-manage primary storage and separate backup systems, often on-premises. With ClearSky, companies are gaining the efficiencies of the cloud with an all-in-one solution that delivers on-demand high-performance primary storage, with built-in, offsite backup and DR, as a hybrid cloud service. With ClearSky our customers are reducing the cost and complexity of storage, backup, and DR for critical data, including eDiscovery, and still, have peace of mind knowing this sensitive data is secure. 

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Managed Services

Using ClearSky’s fully managed service, MSPs can offer customers a secure, logical path for moving primary, backup and DR to the cloud, addressing customers’ storage requirements while optimizing infrastructure within budget — a win-win for everyone.

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Associations and Non-Profits

By definition, non-profits and associations don’t typically have the human and financial resources to provision and manage extensive, disparate IT infrastructures. Yet, they still have many of the same needs as any commercial entity—manage and access important and sensitive data while transforming to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud for storage. In tandem comes the need to do more with less from a cost and management perspective.

With ClearSky Data’s fully managed service, our customers get on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and DR in one hybrid cloud solution. ClearSky reduces the cost and complexity of enterprise storage, eliminates the need for customers to buy and manage separate secondary storage, and allows anytime, anywhere access to data.

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Educational institutions, from K-12 to higher ed, manage and protect a broad range of information, from student records to research. Many of these institutions don’t have the budget or resources commensurate with the importance and sensitivity of most of this data.

Whether you are provisioning and managing IT infrastructures yourself or working with a managed service provider, leveraging the cloud provides a more efficient way to store and protect data. And with ClearSky, you have on-demand primary storage, with built-in offsite backup and DR, in one managed solution. There is no copying of data, no managing of secondary infrastructure and a much more simplified IT environment. Our customers have eliminated the costs and management of backup and DR while protecting all of their data automatically.

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Customer Testimonials

Barrister Digital Solutions "The Federal Hill/Molnii and ClearSky solution allows us to replace on-prem storage with a faster, more efficient on-demand hybrid cloud solution. This is critical for our growing eDiscovery workloads and allows us to provide the security and peace of mind we promise to our legal, corporate and government clients nationwide." Nick Bruno | Managing Member of Barrister Digital
company name "In the Diocese of Trenton, digital transformation means putting video at the forefront of communications among parishes and with parishioners. We needed on-demand storage with built-in backup and archiving for our produced video programming and event coverage, with easy, rapid access. ClearSky Data delivered, and allows us to eliminate replication and access our video files anytime, anywhere. " Anthony DeLorenzo | Director of Computer Services of Diocese of Trenton
klik-solutions "ClearSky Data’s support of AWS technology helps us offer high-performance data access, primary storage, offsite backup and disaster recovery, reducing the costs and complexity seen with traditional storage." Arthur Olshansky | CTO and Co-founder of Klik Solutions
logo-miles-and-stockbridge-1 "ClearSky Data allows customers like us in the legal industry to move into a true hybrid cloud infrastructure and reduce the cost and complexity of storage, backup and DR for critical data, including eDiscovery." Ken Adams | CIO of Miles & Stockbridge
Molnii "ClearSky Data's architecture helps clients consolidate storage. One customer wanted to refresh its IT infrastructure, which consisted of one cabinet of compute and networking gear and four cabinets of legacy EMC storage...ClearSky Data's cloud approach, however, let the customer shrink five cabinets to half a cabinet." Arthur Olshansky | Founder & Managing Partner, Molnii
Nuance Communication "ClearSky gives us a single, durable copy of our data – complete with instant protection and value – through an on-demand consumption model that allows us to scale as needed." Craig Preston | Vice President of IT, Nuance Communications
company name "ClearSky Data is a key part of our overall strategy to move to the cloud. After extensive testing of the ClearSky service, we found it delivers as promised: high-performance, low latency, elastic storage on demand for multiple workloads." Jim Noga | CIO, Partners HealthCare

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