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Customer Use Cases

ClearSky Data’s global storage network provides enterprises with a new way to consume and manage storage throughout the data lifecycle, from primary to backup to disaster recovery. Using ClearSky, our customers gain on-demand access to unlimited storage without sacrificing any of the performance, availability and security they expect for enterprise applications.

ClearSky is designed for a broad range of workloads and use cases, including structured and unstructured data, databases, log files, and big data. Customers can run application workloads in their data centers, colocation facilities or public clouds. From the most demanding workloads to the coldest data archives, ClearSky efficiently and cost-effectively handles the entire range of enterprise storage requirements.

Here are some real-life use cases from our early customers:

Financial Services

Financial services organization

The small IT team at a financial services provider wanted to offload its cumbersome storage management, which was a time-consuming and unpleasant daily task. Lacking the technical staff needed to meet the demands of the company’s significant and growing data footprint, the CIO wanted a hands-free service. However, as a financial services institution with extremely high standards for security and regulatory requirements, the company was uncomfortable trusting any cloud options for its primary data – until the CIO discovered ClearSky Data.

ClearSky’s on-demand global storage network instantly appealed to the small team at the financial firm because it provided the same enterprise-grade storage oversight as its on-premises infrastructure but with the benefits of the cloud. Since ClearSky helped the team forgo painstakingly tending to storage at a granular level, the team was able to reallocate resources and improve operations and productivity. ClearSky’s secure handling of data also enabled the service provider to maintain compliance and security of its customers’ sensitive information, all while gaining the cost and efficiency benefits of the cloud.

ClearSky helps the financial service provider:

  • Offload storage management and reduce pressure on its IT team;
  • Prove it could help protect customers’ data through a natural disaster or cybersecurity attack; and
  • Ensure compliance with financial industry regulations.

The financial services company is now using ClearSky to support and protect internal and non-production workloads, with the goal of adding production workloads as it expand its ClearSky relationship. ClearSky lets the team quickly add capacity and back up data – without adding IT staff or increasing its data center footprint.

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Managed Services

Managed service provider

Managed service providers (MSPs) are increasingly looking to include managed cloud services in their portfolios. Their customers are demanding a broader range of services that can span on-premises and cloud environments alike. As a result, MSPs are primed for a more flexible storage model – they want to take advantage of the cloud’s scale and economics for customers, as well as internally for improved profitability. MSPs also need access to stored data that’s readily available, whether it’s a workload hosted on-premises or located in a private or public cloud.

One MSP, an IT and cloud services provider, found that ClearSky Data offered a great opportunity to help the company make the leap to the cloud and adopt a more flexible and agile storage model. The MSP wanted to create a secure, logical path for customers to move primary storage and enterprise data management to the cloud, and in doing so, it needed to offer:

  • A cure for latency and data portability issues that would allow customers to use multiple clouds and easily move data between instances;
  • The flexibility and economics of the cloud, plus the performance of local, on-site infrastructure;
  • Cloud adoption as a viable part of a managed service solution; and
  • A highly secure service that enabled the company to ensure security and compliance, especially since many of its customers were small healthcare and financial services firms.

Using ClearSky’s storage-as-a-service approach, the MSP team can now eliminate the costs and management of replicating data at multiple backup sites. ClearSky helped the service provider prove its customers’ data was encrypted and secure, while remaining compliant with industry regulations. A long-standing user of VMware technologies, the MSP also began using VMware Virtual Volumes (VVoLs) to further increase its clients’ storage performance and data mobility. Virtual Volumes gives the team access to workload-granular storage resource management, on-demand private cloud provisioning and service for every virtual machine.

Taking advantage of VMware technology and primary cloud storage freed the MSP team from the restrictions and costs of traditional storage. As a result, the company improved its customers’ experiences and optimized its own infrastructure within its budget. ClearSky’s on-demand model now lets the MSP team quickly access data from geographically distributed locations, achieving its goal of data portability. In addition, with ClearSky’s built-in security features, the team can rest assured that data is secure. Since the team has significantly reduced downtime for migrating customer workloads, ClearSky has helped increase the MSP’s bottom line.

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Healthcare Provider

Healthcare provider 

The CIO of a large healthcare provider had a strategic imperative to move his company to the cloud. However, because of the regulatory nature of the healthcare industry and the sensitivity of the data he protects, the CIO was unsure whether there was a cloud option available to meet his stringent needs. The company needed to find a solution that met the standards of its tightly controlled and managed on-premises environment.

When the CIO began working with ClearSky Data, he recognized that its secure model for primary storage as a managed service could support his goal to integrate the cloud into his existing environment. ClearSky’s security policies and protocols withstood an in-depth evaluation against the company’s rigid healthcare industry regulations, as the service uses in-depth encryption and key management technologies that tightly control the way users access data. The CIO felt comfortable that ClearSky would allow his team to continue protecting sensitive data as it embraced the cloud.

With ClearSky, the major healthcare provider was able to:

  • Lower the high IT costs at the organization;
  • Leverage the cloud for scale and economics;
  • Meet the performance requirements of the company’s internal applications, including a Splunk analytics workload; and
  • Accomplish these goals without compromising the integrity of the company’s data or the team’s productivity.

Since the healthcare organization encompasses multiple office locations and specific practices, a variety of information feeds into its data stores from different sources and needs to be protected in its entirety. The provider also supports multiple specified areas of healthcare and numerous groups of professionals and patients, but the hands-off nature of the ClearSky service was a perfect fit due to limited IT staff and resources. ClearSky is enabling the CIO to achieve his goals; the company can now enjoy the benefits of the cloud, reduced IT costs and improved performance, security, compliance and employee productivity. 

Revolutionize the way your team stores, protects and accesses data with ClearSky’s global storage network.

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Biopharmaceutical company

At one biopharmaceutical organization, the primary storage infrastructure was on its last legs and managing the company’s secondary data center was resource-intensive, costly and complex. The company needed a way to maintain and quickly access lab data and reports that weren’t in use on an ongoing basis, without spending the time, money and resources to house all of that data in a secondary site.

The company’s IT team hoped to shutter its secondary site by leveraging the cloud for backup and disaster recovery (DR). ClearSky Data offered the entire end-to-end solution the company was looking for, compared with traditional hardware storage vendors and cloud-based backup and DR vendors alike. Using ClearSky’s storage combined with on-demand computer running in a public cloud eliminated the needs for the company to maintain a secondary site for DR. After plugging into ClearSky’s global storage network, the company is now benefiting from an increase in its storage performance and an acceleration of its cloud strategy.

ClearSky met the team’s overall criteria for a new storage approach. The team’s goals included:

  • Plugging into the public cloud to access its value and scalability;
  • Leveraging the cloud for on-demand DR, to eliminate the cost and complexity of running a secondary site;
  • Supporting massive amounts of data from both the lab and the traditional enterprise file-sharing environment; and
  • Outsourcing storage management so the IT team wouldn’t be overloaded.

For this biopharma, ClearSky presents a new and much more streamlined and cost-effective way to manage the data lifecycle. In addition to removing the costs of the secondary colocation footprint, the company no longer needs to buy and maintain a second set of hardware and software licenses or the network connections between sites. 

ClearSky’s on-demand storage model has also freed the team from the endless enterprise storage treadmill. Now, the company pays only for the storage it uses, with the confidence that its data is optimally managed, backed up and protected.

Eliminate the cost and data center footprint of your traditional storage solution.

Technology Provider

Technology provider

An independent technology provider with a multi-petabyte high-performance computing (HPC) environment needed to access its large sets of files quickly for data analysis, while supporting the development, testing and delivery of the company’s custom solutions. For years, the senior management team investigated storage options that could meet the company’s requirements while successfully and securely moving it toward a cloud model. In ClearSky Data, the team finally found its answer.

Consuming primary storage through a pay-as-you-go, on-demand service model mirrored the custom service-based technology that was core to the organization’s product offering. Since the HPC workloads were highly tiered, with dozens of small working sets requiring extremely high performance and low latency, ClearSky’s Smart Tiered CachingTM approach was a great match. By moving primary storage to the cloud, the team was able to turn the company’s capital expenditures (CAPEX) into operational expenditures (OPEX) – shifting its upfront investments into on-demand services. The process is reducing overhead and reflects the service-based model of the technology provider’s own company.

ClearSky also enables the team to access:

  • Flexibility to build, test, develop and deliver its custom solutions;
  • High performance needed to support its rich analytics service;
  • Simplified storage provisioning to optimize the performance of the company’s network; and
  • A forward-thinking business model that helps the company grow at peta-scale without taking on enormous upfront costs.

ClearSky offers the best of both worlds: the performance of on-premises infrastructure with the flexibility and economics of the cloud. Plugging into the global storage network turned the company’s time-consuming storage provisioning process into a matter of a few clicks, rather than the involved capacity-planning exercise it once was. Meanwhile, its HPC environment has finally found the support and availability it needed to move to the cloud.

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