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White Paper

ClearSky Global Storage Network Metro-based Point of Presence

Make Hybrid Cloud a Reality. Enable Data Access Anywhere.

ClearSky Data’s Global Storage Network

The ClearSky global storage network is a fully managed service built to address the challenges of primary storage, backup and disaster recovery in a fundamentally different way and to transform how enterprises access their data in today’s hybrid world, no matter where it resides. The ClearSky service delivers the performance and availability of on-prem storage with the scale and economics of the cloud, ensuring data is available where it’s needed, quickly and easily and without incurring high costs. By bringing data into the ClearSky service customers reduce their data center footprint, move off of expensive gear, move into a scalable consumption-based model and get away from the endless, costly and complex on-prem storage refresh cycle. Enterprise IT now has elastic storage on demand for primary, backup and DR; scalable capacity for machine data analytics; and built-in DR, eliminating the need to purchase additional capacity.

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