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White Paper

Reference Architecture: ClearSky Data for Splunk Enterprise 

Many organizations have deployed Splunk to analyze the machine data captured throughout their enterprise. The intelligence in that data can be extremely valuable for detecting trends, troubleshooting problems, investigating security incidents, and providing a wide variety of business insights and answers about their operations.

However, providing high-performance storage for accessing frequently searched data as well as economical storage for enormous amounts of cold and archival data is a challenge facing virtually all enterprises using Splunk. They’re forced to struggle with complex storage infrastructures that require disparate storage technologies and a great deal of administrative complexity.

This paper examines how the ClearSky architecture and its Smart Tiered Caching™ map to the Splunk architecture to match the high performance of local storage as well as cloud-based economics. Using ClearSky, companies can use machine data analytics to full advantage and get the maximum return from their Splunk investment.


How ClearSky Data aligns with Splunk 

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