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Case-in-pointThe Myers-Briggs Company

Simplify data management, make data available anywhere, and cut costs with ClearSky Data fabric and Equinix global platform

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"This is the future
of storage"

Michael Johnson | Director of Global Infrastructure

myers-briggs company



The Myers-Briggs Company is a global provider of people development solutions for individuals, organizations and educational institutions. Its Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is one of the world’s most popular personality tools, used by more than 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 115 countries. With headquarters in northern California and offices worldwide, Myers-Briggs provides tools and insights to enhance performance and help people lead more successful and fulfilling lives.

The challenge

Myers-Briggs has to deliver data in real time to business users interacting with the company’s tools—which was a problem when that data was stored thousands of miles away in their California data center. The company took a close look at its operations and recognized that storing data on prem in massive arrays was no longer tenable for a company with locations around the world. They needed a different approach to storage, and the requirements were demanding including high performance for users and on-demand access to all data across a growing ecosystem of offices and partners. That data would also need strong protection, including offsite backups and at least three copies available globally for rapid recovery on-demand. And of course, all of this would have to be available at significantly lower cost than what they were using.

The solution

A joint offering from ClearSky and Equinix has allowed MyersBriggs to radically simplify IT operations, reduce costs and get out of the business of managing on-prem infrastructure. ClearSky’s edge-based storage service provides high performance for primary storage, along with built-in offsite data protection. Equinix provides highly connected colocation capabilities, including 200 IBX data centers in 24 countries and all major public clouds. With ClearSky providing the data layer, Myers-Briggs can now deploy digital infrastructure anywhere on Platform Equinix, extending the Myers-Briggs network globally without additional storage or network management. “I’ll only consider a new technology if I know it can do three things: reduce complexity, cut costs and increase performance,” explains Michael Johnson, director of global infrastructure at The Myers-Briggs Company. “This one was a no-brainer. We no longer need huge banks of storage because we get flash performance from a compact appliance that scales infinitely. We don’t have to pay for separate systems for backup and disaster recovery, because we get strong data protection automatically. With ClearSky, all the costs and headaches of managing storage infrastructure fall away.” The Myers-Briggs Company is using ClearSky’s storage service to support its operations in the United States, with plans for expansion to international markets. By leveraging ClearSky’s on-demand storage service together with Equinix’s global interconnection platform, Myers-Briggs can now achieve true infrastructure independence.

ClearSky Results

As Michael Johnson knows firsthand, ClearSky really is the future of storage.

  • Combining flash performance, unlimited capacity and built-in data protection, delivered as a fully-managed service. Since going live, the Myers-Briggs Company has been able to move away from its backup and replication software, cut bandwidth costs by two-thirds, and reduce the total data center rack space by 70%.

The partnership with Equinix extends these capabilities worldwide.

  • Myers-Briggs can now move compute wherever the company desires and get their data on demand, why simultaneously cutting costs. Store and protect data across multiple sites, and deliver it on-demand.

Eliminate the storage buying cycle and ongoing management

“I'll never have to buy storage again. I also no longer need to buy backup software, manage replication systems or provision storage for data protection.”

Gain flash performance while reducing data center footprint by 70%

“ClearSky gives us guaranteed flash performance for primary storage, without having to buy racks of storage that sit there waiting to be used. It’s really streamlined our infrastructure, and it’s cost effective.”

Store and protect data across multiple sites, and deliver it on-demand

“We’re now able to drive more efficiency in the business and simplify our storage strategy as well as our complete hosting strategy."

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