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Case-in-point Barrister Digital Solutions

Successfully using ClearSky Data’s hybrid cloud storage as a service with built-in offsite backup & DR as a service

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"ClearSky has provided us with
data protection and going-off
on-prem into the cloud."

Nick Bruno | Managing Partner




Barrister Digital Solutions (Barrister), a Washington, D.C.- based e-discovery and document solutions service provider, delivers digital discovery, litigation support, and document management services to most of the Am Law 100, as well as to corporations and public sector organizations. Barrister is responsible for ensuring that its clients’ most critical and sensitive data files are always protected and securely stored.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for Barrister was finding a cost effective and reliable alternative to cloud and traditional backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Existing solutions did not eliminate the need for storage infrastructure. According to Nick Bruno, managing partner at Barrister, “the storage in the backup and disaster recovery was going to be pretty costly, as far as hard asset infrastructure.”

The solution

Barrister has chosen ClearSky Data for its transformational approach to storage as a service, which comes with built-in offsite backup and DR as a service. ClearSky Data’s edge-based architecture and patented technology enable Barrister to gain significant cost savings for its enterprise storage. Rather than owning and maintaining four or five separate sub-systems, Barrister has a single fully managed ClearSky service to access, delivered in a consumption-based model, which enables Barrister to pay only for the capacity used. Now, with ClearSky’s unique service approach to storage, backup and DR, Barrister pays for data once and gain access to all of it, anywhere it’s needed—on premises, at a DR location or in the public cloud. Even more, Barrister has been able to lower its IT infrastructure costs, “As far as the impact in our IT infrastructure, we went from five racks of equipment to one rack with the help of ClearSky,” says Nick Bruno.

ClearSky Results

With ClearSkyData's storage with an edge with integrated offsite backup and DR -as a single service, Barrister gains:

Increased performance and scalability
ClearSky Data provides Barrister with an SLA-driven guaranteed flash performance of on-premises storage and the elasticity of the cloud.

Seamless access to data anywhere
ClearSky Data allows Barrister to access all data wherever it’s needed, on-prem or in the cloud, without ever needing to replicate the data.

Cost effective, consumption-based model
ClearSky Data allows Barrister to pay for only what is used and scale up or down on-demand.

According to Nick Bruno, with ClearSky Data, Barrister has been able to achieve:

Smaller footprint

“It gives me peace of mind knowing we are able to operate a smaller footprint (that is) even more efficient at this point. ”

Increased security and faster access

“The encryption aspect of the backup and DR has been a huge plus. Prior to that, we were more conventional with the backup. But, (ClearSky) allows us more flexibility to be able to retrieve data a lot quicker.”

Service simplicity

“Clearsky Data came in and laid it all out and told us how it was going to work. It was something that was comforting.”

Reliable, simple and effective backup & DR approach

“The technology made sense. The costs savings made a lot
of sense. Not having to invest a lot of capital into our infrastructure, instead, using a third party to help us manage that part of the business, was a relief. “

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