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Bulletproof Ransomware Protection

RPO/RTO Near Zero with Storage-as-a-Service at the Network Edge

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Ransomware comes in many forms but there’s a basic theme: cybercriminals have breached your network, encrypted your files, and blocked access until the ransom is paid. The impact can be devastating—lost revenue, lost time, damage to your brand, not to mention potential ransomware payment. High-profile attacks on hospitals, public agencies, and businesses of all types and sizes are reminders that no organization is immune.

Cybercriminals are constantly probing for vulnerabilities, finding ways to circumvent employee education and the best efforts of IT staff. You need to assume that a ransomware attack will occur at some point and be ready to mitigate it. Unfortunately, the tools available have not been equal to the threat—until now.

Download this solution brief to learn about ClearSky Data’s built-in air gap ransomware data protection.


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