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What Multi-Cloud Means for Managed Services 

Posted by Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian on Aug. 15

Multi-cloud environments have quickly become the new normal, and hybrid cloud is now an inevitability for many enterprises. RightScale reports that cloud users are running their applications in an average of 1.8 public clouds and 2.3 private ones. It’s not hard to see why; the market has evolved to offer robust cloud offerings, including object storage systems that can be deployed in the hybrid cloud as easily as on-premises, in multiple sites or as a service. 

Enterprises want on-prem-level performance, flexibility and security, but with cloud economics. A hybrid approach is essential to meeting that challenge, and it creates a path for scalability. This is one reason why we’ve partnered with ClearSky Data as it extends multi-cloud support for public and private cloud environments.

As announced today, ClearSky and Cloudian connect managed service providers (MSPs) and their enterprise clients with better capabilities and lower costs than public clouds. We’re helping MSPs move their customers down the path toward reaching their hybrid IT objectives.

The first step in that journey should focus on applications. Which clouds companies choose is not as important as picking the right clouds for the right applications.

 As MSPs guide their customers in doing that, we recommend they ask: 

  • What are the performance requirements of your application – for your business and your end users?
  • What are the enterprise’s needs in terms of compute and networking?
  • Is this a steady state discussion, or is your application bursty in nature?

Armed with the answers, MSPs can determine the right hybrid mix for their organization. Whatever the “right” answer for the organization, MSPs shouldn’t fear getting pushed out. You can give the customers the cloud without letting them float away.

MSPs know there are no absolutes in today's data centers. The proliferation of multi-cloud, hybrid environments reflects the needs of the modern enterprise for services that embrace the cloud, but ensure consistency across all environments.

Read today’s announcement, “ClearSky Data Extends Multi-Cloud Support for Public, Private Cloud Environments”to learn more.

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About the Author

Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian

Jon Toor is chief marketing officer for Cloudian, Inc. Toor has more than 20 years of storage industry experience and leads the company’s worldwide outbound marketing, demand generation, product management and public relations. Prior to Cloudian, he served as the vice president of marketing at Xsigo Systems where he led the outbound marketing team from company launch until the company was acquired by Oracle. Prior to Xsigo, he served at ONStor as vice president of marketing.

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