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Traditional Data Protection is Full of Holes: How to Patch them with Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Laz Vekiarides on Mar. 28

When disaster strikes, your data can't waitData protection, especially disaster recovery (DR) and backup, have traditionally been costly necessities that are increasingly hard to manage. If, like many of today’s enterprises, your organization is pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy, you know that hybrid DR can be particularly frustrating to consider as part of that transformation. When you move data to a public cloud, it’s challenging to migrate, and more importantly, getting your data back is unpredictable and expensive. This isn’t acceptable when it comes to DR. While the public cloud offers an economical way to store cold backup and archival data, it’s lacking the ability to support ongoing access requirements for primary, backup and DR workloads that enterprises must rely on in the event of any sort of outage.

Even the most passionate cloud evangelists are looking for more cost-effective, high-performance alternatives to the choices offered today in the public cloud. Essentially, many IT pros are seeking access to their existing storage network that lives in the public cloud and they quickly learn it’s not possible. There’s a better option: structure DR around a hybrid-cloud storage infrastructure that’s built to deliver highly-available access to all data on-premises or in the cloud.

Today, ClearSky Data announced expanded capabilities for on-demand primary storage, offsite backup and DR, which help our customers drastically reduce IT footprints, costly licenses and complex management across the board. By taking a pay-as-you-go, service-based approach to primary storage, offsite backup and DR, we’re allowing customers to only pay for a single, fully protected copy of their data that is accessible anywhere – on-premises or in the cloud. ClearSky users can avoid getting dragged down by the data access fees and unforeseen costs that hamper on-premises or cloud-based DR and support long-term hybrid cloud strategies in the process. 

By introducing a new vision for hybrid backup and DR, we’re paving the road for continued innovation in data storage. Enterprises are dissatisfied with the many issues created by yesterday’s traditional storage box model. Incumbent IT vendors’ business models rely on leasing or selling storage boxes, meaning they lack the incentive to work toward a cloud-forward, on-demand future. Just as we developed our DR capabilities after working closely with customers to address their DR pain points, we’ll continue to raise the bar for storage’s historical standards – and watch IT footprints shrink (and happiness) improve in the process.

 Ditch the box. Upgrade your approach to backup and DR today 

Topics: Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data , Founder's Perspective, Backup & DR

About the Author

Laz Vekiarides

For over 20 years Laz Vekiarides has served in key technical and leadership roles delivering breakthrough technologies to market. Most recently, he served as the Executive Director of Software Engineering for Dell’s EqualLogic Storage Engineering group, where he led the development of numerous storage innovations and established the EqualLogic product line as a leader in host OS and hypervisor integration.

Laz joined Dell from EqualLogic, which was acquired in early 2008, where he was a member of the core leadership team – playing a key role in the company’s early success as a Senior Engineering Manager and Architect for the PS Series SAN arrays and host tools. Prior to EqualLogic, Laz held senior engineering and management positions at several companies including 3COM and Banyan Systems.

An occasional blogger, Laz frequently speaks at industry conferences, particularly in the areas of virtualization and data storage. He holds several storage technology patents, as well as a BSEE from Northeastern University, and an MSCS from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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