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Latest Gartner Storage Report Maps Out Enterprise Strategies for Agility, Automation

Posted by Courtney Pallotta on Jun. 19

In its “2017 Strategic Roadmap for Storage,” analyst firm Gartner Inc. highlights some of the most popular storage initiatives among enterprises today. On the way to increased agility and automation, organizations are also searching for lower price points. Those pursuits aren’t in conflict, according to the report’s authors.

The analysts who authored the report note that emerging storage technologies support lower acquisition costs per terabyte, while also delivering greater manageability. These trends align with the feedback of the 2,600 CIOs from 93 countries Gartner interviewed as part of its research. 

As the authors write, "New storage initiatives focus on the need for agility, automation and cost reduction." But, "Cloud storage continues to be a polarizing practice, with business more optimistic and IT more cautious." And finally, "Rather than waiting for a top-down grand vision to be realized, Gartner recommends opportunistically adopting new technologies that deliver improvements in performance, agility, ease of use and cost." 

The report goes on to cover several of the most pressing issues facing enterprise storage infrastructure teams right now, including:

  • Why companies should move from on-premises storage to bimodal IT
  • The most common mistakes enterprises make in managing storage infrastructure
  • Tips for deploying more cost-effective, agile and manageable storage infrastructure 

We cover these and other highpoints from the report in our most recent SlideShare, “Mapping the road to better data storage strategies: Gartner research sets destination for agility, automation and cost reduction.” 

Check it out below, or read the full report from Gartner to get more findings related to vendor consolidation in the storage and hyperconverged markets, the high adoption of solid-state arrays and growing interest in software-defined storage, the polarizing nature of cloud storage conversations between business and IT, and more. 

Topics: Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data 

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