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Highland Capital Partners Reduces On-Prem Storage Footprint, Goes Hybrid with ClearSky Data

Posted by Guest Author on May. 10

By: Rob Bemis, vice president of global infrastructure, Highland Capital Partners

Data Protection Venture capital is an exciting business – helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition is challenging and fulfilling. At Highland Capital Partners, we do this by leveraging deep industry domain expertise to provide just the right combination of strategic guidance and hands-on leadership to help turn ideas into industry-leading companies.

As you can imagine, our core business takes up all our time, and our resources. We have to be focused on helping our companies grow; we don’t have extra time or resources to spend maintaining storage infrastructure. Our IT budget and staff are very efficient, and we need a very scalable storage solution that doesn’t demand a lot of manual management and minimizes our data center footprint. This was what motivated us recently to replace our Dell Compellent storage.

We had some pretty stringent requirements for our next system. It started with supporting all our workloads without a break in service, including a VMware environment and production apps with performance demands like Microsoft SQL Server.

Being a financial services firm, we had other requirements that were non-negotiable.

Data security heads the list. We’re trusted with a lot of sensitive data, and we need to protect it – for our business and for our clients. Likewise, when dealing with these types of data, performance is absolutely critical, so we need to be able to store data and access it quickly, as if it were on premises.

For all these reasons, a hybrid managed service works for us. The less we have to manage ourselves, the better. As a VC, we did our homework. We applied the same stringent process we use to identify potential entrepreneurs to invest in to help us identify the best solution provider for us. As we were conducting this process, ClearSky Data, one of our portfolio companies, became the obvious choice. 

ClearSky references “plugging in” to its service, and the technology lives up to the terminology. Getting up and running was about as easy as a big tech implementation can be.

The results have been great. We migrated data into the ClearSky service, and in our experience so far, it has delivered as promised: the performance has been equal to what on-prem storage delivers, the scalability is great for our growing business and the cost savings have freed us up to invest in other things. The service we have is redundant from end-to-end, giving us out-of-the-box disaster recovery to consider, along with the reliability and stability we need.

In venture capital, we deal with real numbers, so I’ll end with one. Since we’ve engaged with ClearSky Data, we’ve reduced our on-prem data storage footprint by a full 50 percent with this hybrid cloud model – and it’s likely we’ll continue to add more data to the service.

Want to learn more about how ClearSky Data can help manage your tough IT challenges? Get in touch.

Topics: Enterprise Storage, Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data 

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