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Better Strategies for Enterprise Data Storage (Free Webinar)

Posted by Courtney Pallotta on May. 17

For too many enterprise IT leaders, managing storage footprints has gotten out of control. When it comes to enterprise data and storage, you should be able to free your company from costly copies, redundant infrastructure, software and management, and extend to the cloud. After all, innovation in hybrid cloud, primary storage, backup and disaster recovery all sets the stage to transform how your enterprise consumes storage and accesses data. And yet, many companies are still hunting for better strategies when it comes to enterprise data storage.

Today, IT leaders spend a lot of energy (and budget) running as fast as they can to keep up with the growth of costly, complex data, backing it up and planning for any potential outage. But no matter how fast you run (or how much budget you spend), your traditional data center just can’t get you where you need to go.

This is the challenge that sparked our webinar series, “Get out of the box: what you’ll need to know next about storage.” On Thursday, May 18 at 1 p.m. ET, our hosts will discuss five steps to data protection success. Marc Keating, director of technology and alliance strategy at ClearSky Data, and Darren Miller, manager of engineering test and performance at ClearSky Data, will lead this 45-minute, live, interactive webinar. In less than an hour, you’ll learn how you can cut the infrastructure cord, stop replicating and start accessing your data.

Is Storage Dead Webinar

Marc and Darren will explain how to:

  • Get primary storage, offsite backup and disaster recovery in ONE single service;
  • Pay for a single, durable copy of your data and access it anywhere – on-prem or in the cloud;
  • Extend your infrastructure by taking advantage of hybrid cloud;
  • Eliminate backup licenses;
  • Realize RPO 0 for DR; RTO less than 1 minute;
  • Eliminate secondary infrastructure for DR; and
  • Cut your enterprise storage costs by more than 50 percent.

We’ve talked with lots of CIOs and IT leaders about the inconveniences they face with traditional storage models. In this webinar, Marc and Darren will share what they’ve learned in those conversations and explain how to break the chains around traditional models, not only for greater convenience, but also for better performance and scalability with lower on-prem investments. 

Join us. Register here for “Get out of the box: what you’ll need to know next about storage,” as we discuss five steps to data protection success.

Topics: Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data , Backup & DR

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