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Vendor comparisson 

Featured speaker:
Darren Miller, Manager of Engineering Test & Performance

Backup & Recovery Software and ClearSky Data Compared

Three ways to move beyond better backup and into simplified on-demand storage as a service.

Backup has become an unending headache for organizations of all shapes and sizes. It's essential, but it's expensive and it's hard to manage. The traditional backup offerings like Commvault, DataDomain, and Veritas, have struggled to offer options that eliminate replication, cross-data center footprints, and never-ending CapEx expenses to support data growth. Emerging players have found ways to make this process a little better, but the problem remains unsolved. 

Until now. With ClearSky's fully managed service which includes on-demand primary storage, offsite backup, and DR, organizations can stop doing backup and start accessing their data - anywhere it's needed - on-prem or in the cloud. No replication, no cloud egress fees, no siloed primary, backup and DR infrastructure. Companies including: Nuance Communications, Partners HealthCare, Barrister Digital, Miles and Stockbridge and Special Olympics have chosen ClearSky and gotten out of backup all together. 

Download this webcast and see how you can move beyond backup too.

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