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Backup & Recovery Software and ClearSky Data Compared

Move beyond better backup and into simplified on-demand storage as a service.

ClearSky Backup Recovery Software Comparison

We all agree: backup is essential, but it's expensive and it's hard to manage. And while some emerging backup vendors are offering solutions that make the process of backing up easier, the main problem of having to make multiple copies of your ever-growing data remains unsolved.

Until now. At ClearSky, we approach this challenge differently, with an architected service that allows you to keep a single copy of your data. Using ClearSky, organizations can stop doing backup and start accessing their data - anywhere it's needed - on-prem or in the cloud. No replication, no cloud egress fees, no siloed primary, backup and DR infrastructure.

Download this competitive brief to see how ClearSky compares to a leading backup software provider.

In this brief you will find:

  • An architecture comparison
  • Side-by-side technology breakdown
  • TCO estimates 
  • Key features list 

Download Competitive Comparison