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White Paper



Craig Matsumoto, Raymond Huo

ClearSky Data's storage as a service gets a broader edge footprint via Equinix.


Storage-as-a-service provider ClearSky Data is expanding its edge presence by partnering with Equinix. ClearSky's service depends on proximity to the customer, so access to the Equinix footprint gives the startup a faster way to build a global reach. Equinix, meanwhile, can use ClearSky and similar services as a way to attract enterprise tenants to colocation.

The 451 Take

ClearSky's service is predicated on low latency – delivering storage from off-premises locations at a speed that feels like it's on-premises – and therefore relies on proximity. It's a scenario crying out for the benefits of 'the edge.' Partnering with Equinix gives ClearSky access to a much larger footprint with global reach. This should help ClearSky extend its reach more quickly than it otherwise could, both internationally and on its North American home turf, and we believe the company's prospects will grow in kind.

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