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On-demand Primary Storage, Offsite Backup & DR
As a Hybrid Cloud Service

Push the limits

Limitless data storage

Push the limits

Limitless data backup & recovery

Push the limits

Limitless data access

Push the limits

Full Lifecycle
Elastic Storage

full lifecycle elastic storage

Plug into the ClearSky® network to get the performance, low latency and availability you need to access all your data on-demand, in a hybrid-cloud environment.

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Data Protection

built-in data protection

Complete data protection is embedded in ClearSky’s DNA. Our fundamentally different storage architecture combines on-demand primary storage with offsite backup and DR as a single service.

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Machine Data Analytics

unlimited machine data analytics

Give your analytics environment room to run. ClearSky combines the performance and security of on-prem storage with the elasticity, scalability and economics of the cloud for on-demand growth.

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Dramatically Lower
Total Cost of Ownership

Dramatically Lower TCO

Pay for your data once and gain access to all of it, anywhere it’s needed — on premises, at a DR location or in the public cloud. No more paying for redundant infrastructure, backup licenses, replication licenses, management of all those disparate systems and endless data copying. All those costs, the complexity and overhead go away.

ClearSky Customers

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