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Intelligent data management. Flash performance. No replication. No egress fees.

ClearSky's customers are transforming their approach to storage and simplifying their footprint - combining the performance and availability of local storage with the scalability and economics of the cloud.

Eliminate infrastructure

Consolidate and minimize data center footprints

Reduce costs and complexity

Cut storage TCO by more than 50%; dramatically simplify storage management

Access data

Manage data growth while increasing access, security, and data protection

Get to
the cloud

Harness the cloud without latency or egress costs

The cutting-edge approach to security


ClearSky Data’s patented edge-based service automatically optimizes data across its lifecycle, giving enterprises limitless data access from multiple locations, complete with flash performance, comprehensive protection, encryption and simplified data management.

icon-1em-single-copy Single, durable copy of your data

icon-1em-end-to-end-security End-to-end security

icon-1em-built-in-data-protection Built-in data protection

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No more hardware No more software

Manage all your data through one service with one simple management interface. Eliminating redundant infrastructure, backup licenses, replication licenses, endless data copying and management for multiple disparate systems has never been easier.
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ClearSky Customers

Spend zero time managing backup
Spend zero time managing backup
“When we stumbled across ClearSky, we thought, maybe we don’t need to backup data anymore.  The data is in multiple locations, which is far more than what we have even with our backup solution today.  And it’s much quicker to retrieve that data in a disaster.”
Ken Adams | CIO of Miles & Stockbridge
Smaller footprint with higher efficiency
Smaller footprint with higher efficiency
“The technology made sense. The cost savings made a lot of sense. Not having to invest a lot of capital into our infrastructure, instead, using a third party to help us manage that part of the business, was a relief. “
Nick Bruno | CEO of Barrister Digital Solutions
No replication. Data access anytime.
No replication. Data access anytime.

"We needed on-demand storage with built-in backup and archiving for our produced video programming and event coverage, with easy, rapid access."

Anthony DeLorenzo | Director of Computer Services at Diocese of Trenton
File storage with audit controls

"We were thinking about how do we get audit controls, full backup and high availability built into a file storage system that can be used at the endpoint and that still carries the nested permissions that can be shared across the workgroups within our firewall.”

Brent Richter | Director, ERIS

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