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Twitter Chat: #StorageDebate

Chat Live with Industry Experts & Technology Leaders

Join us at one of our monthly Twitter chat series on the topic, #StorageDebate. #StorageDebate is a place to share perspectives, questions and arguments about the road ahead for enterprise storage.

Help us make these monthly chats a success by sending us questions ahead of time to address during the live chats.

Our recent guests have included: George Crump, president and founder of Storage Switzerland and Howard Marks, DeepStorage founder and industry expert.

Next Twitter Chat:

When: Thursday, Dec. 8 at 11:00 a.m. ET
The debate: Is hybrid cloud migration a 2017 priority for enterprises?
The guest: Pete Flecha, technical marketing for VMware's Storage and Availability (@vPedroArrow

How to participate:

  1. If you use a tool such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite, create a column with the #StorageDebate hashtag so you can easily follow along.
  2. Every #StorageDebate will begin with a Twitter poll and an invitation for all participants to share their position on the topic. Make sure to use the #StorageDebate hashtag when you tweet.
  3. Follow guests and hosts @lazvek, @Ellen_Rubin & @ClearSkyData.
  4. Jump in at any point to ask a question, pose a thought or response to the group, or share a resource you’ve found useful (don’t forget to use #StorageDebate). Feel free to favorite, retweet or respond to any tweets that resonate with you.

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