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full lifecycle elastic storage
data protection and disaster recovery
unlimited machine data analytics

Elastic Storage for Primary, Backup and DR Data

Rather than manage complex, expensive pools across storage that needs to be regularly upgraded and expanded, simply plug into the ClearSky network to get the performance, low latency and availability you need to access all your data on demand, in a hybrid cloud environment. Our patented Smart Tiered Caching™ technology optimizes your data across the entire lifecycle where:

  • Hot data is cached at the edge of your applications.
  • Warm data is cached in a PoP within 120 miles of your data center.
  • All data, including cold/archival data, is stored in multiple locations in the cloud and is accessible on demand

What does this mean for you?

  • Primary, backup and DR data is available in a single, high-performance service
  • Complete elasticity to scale up and down on demand, paying only for what you use
  • Access to all your data from anywhere (on prem or cloud) without having to replicate it* because we’ve got it covered in the ClearSky network

*True data mobility means accessing all of your data when and where you want it, without the cost or complexity of replicating it. With ClearSky, on-demand data mobility is built in. Moving data isn’t a bottleneck, there are no costs associated with replication and it doesn’t take hours to move from one location to another.


elastic storage for primary, backup and DR data
built in data protection disaster recovery

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Built In

Protecting data and recovering it in the event of a disaster are capabilities built right into the ClearSky service. Data in our network can be accessed and restored from both on-prem and cloud locations. With ClearSky, data mobility on-premises and in the cloud enables disaster recovery, significantly reducing the requirements of a secondary DR site. For enterprises, the reduction in a secondary DR footprint delivers significant cost savings to the business. Customers no longer need to pay for:

  • Multiple storage arrays and software in the DR data center
  • Expensive network connections required for synchronous or asynchronous replication between primary and DR data centers
  • DR site storage system administration and management

Beyond costs, this capability has a major positive impact on two important DR metrics:

  • RTO: Unlike traditional array-based solutions which can take significant time to replicate and bring online, with ClearSky, customer data is available at the DR site as quickly as an IT administrator can drag and drop data volumes to the Edge Cache from the ClearSky Storage Manager.
  • RPO: Because copies of your data are kept in the Edge Cache, in a POP and in the Backing Cloud, all of your data is always available, so there is no lost data and your recovery point objective is also zero.


Unlimited Machine Data Analytics

For every terabyte of machine data you’re generating daily that you want to analyze, your Splunk, Elastic or other analytics environment can demand over 20 times that in tiered storage for optimal performance. Until now, IT often over-purchased capacity in preparation for what will eventually be needed. The cloud could help address this scalability, but it often can’t keep pace with high-performance needs of these machine data analytics workloads. Both require significant IT manual labor to manage systems and data, and move it between hot, warm and cold storage—depending on workload and analytic needs. ClearSky’s global storage network combines the best of cloud and on-prem, empowering the real-time, speed-of-thought world organizations are operating in and allows for on-demand growth based on analytics requirements.


unlimited machine data analytics

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