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Top Tips to Cut Storage Costs (Free Webinar)

Posted by Courtney Pallotta on 6/2/17 9:00 AM

Are storage costs bringing you down?

Are your storage costs spiraling out of control? You’re not alone.

While everyone’s trying to figure out how to reduce their storage expenses, it seems like they’re only growing. Thanks to ever-growing data from sources like IoT devices and applications, digital engagement and the analytics of everything, data is growing exponentially. Because of this, businesses are constantly recalculating how much storage they need – provisioning and paying for space they’re not sure they’ll actually need. To top it off, not only do you have to worry about the skyrocketing costs that come with the upkeep of on-prem infrastructure, but there’s also the headache of managing secondary sites for backup and disaster recovery (DR).

So how can enterprises keep costs down?

During the next episode in our weekly webinar series, “Get out of the box: what you’ll need to know next about storage,” hosts Mark Keating, director of technology and alliance strategy at ClearSky Data, and Darren Miller, manager of engineering test and performance at ClearSky Data, will share their top tips for reducing your data storage costs by greater than 50 percent.

During this live webinar on Thursday, June 8 at 1 p.m. ET, Mark and Darren will share what they’ve learned from talking to top CIOs and IT leaders in the enterprise space and explain how businesses can save while taking advantage of hybrid offerings for primary, backup and DR . Attendees will learn how to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by at least 50 percent, as well as:

  • How to store data for access anywhere
  • Best practices for hybrid cloud storage
  • Opportunities to minimize your data center footprint for offsite backup and DR

Register for this live, interactive webinar and join us to learn how you can keep storage costs down.  

Topics: Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data , Backup & DR

About the Author

Courtney Pallotta

Courtney is a marketing professional and entrepreneur with experience in go-to-market strategy, product marketing, demand generation and client advocacy. She has a passion for authentic marketing centered around creating communities of users that share ideas, adopt and advocate for capabilities that make them successful.

As a founding Netezza marketing team member, she built the demand generation and client advocacy programs and led these teams from launch through IPO and acquisition by IBM. At IBM, Courtney led two acquisitions, grew the big data and analytics portfolio and launched the marketing of the data science and open source initiative for IBM Analytics. At ClearSky, Courtney leads the marketing team and is focused on digital demand generation, deep client understanding and advocacy as key measures of go-to-market success.

Courtney enjoys spending time outdoors with her children and husband running, hiking and skiing.

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