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CIOs Share: 5 Truths and One Lie About Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Courtney Pallotta on 1/26/17 9:00 AM

CIO Hybrid Cloud TruthsAs January draws to a close, most companies are deep in the midst of planning for 2017, outlining the projects and goals they’ll tackle, and starting to execute on those plans. If you’re a CIO or IT professional, you’ve likely been inundated with requests that include two popular words: hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud is no longer just for early adopters. In fact, according to RightScale, a full 71 percent of organizations are now using hybrid cloud – an increase of 58 percent from a year ago. Here’s one of the secrets to hybrid cloud ROI, however: hybrid cloud projects aren’t just a matter of using the environment, but making sure it supports your greater IT strategy.

Our latest e-book, “How to define the hybrid cloud: It’s time to call enterprise’s bluff,” separates industry myths from realities when it comes to hybrid cloud implementations in today’s enterprise landscapes. For companies not yet using hybrid cloud, this book will help you get there as efficiently as possible. For organizations wondering why your hybrid environment doesn’t entirely reflect your neighbor’s setup, we’re offering some strategies to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Based on feedback from our customers, this book lays out five truths that CIOs and other IT leaders identify as the keys for getting ROI out of hybrid cloud. They’re listed below – and we’ve added one lie to keep you on your toes. Can you pick it out?

  1. Hybrid is a project, not a single goal.
  2. Often, hybrid cloud happens by accident
  3. Multi-cloud strategies are the hybrid norm.
  4. Hybrid cloud only makes sense for the largest organizations.
  5. Contrary to some industry beliefs, security isn’t a hybrid cloud roadblock.
  6. It’s the IT team’s responsibility to make hybrid cloud plans work.

The e-book provides more information about the five (real) truths*, what they entail and how to use them to shape your IT approach in 2017. Whether you’re a hybrid cloud veteran or just getting started, you can always stand to learn from others’ experiences.

(* - “Truth” No. 4 is the lie. Hybrid cloud can provide value to organizations of almost any size.) 

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