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#StorageDebate: Is Cloud Adoption a Sure Thing?

Posted by Courtney Pallotta on 3/30/16 11:45 AM

It’s time to demand more of your data. The days of buying more boxes, expanding data center footprints and allocating endless resources to support massive data growth are over. Data today needs to be accessible no matter where it resides, and the conversation needs to be about data access, not data management.

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data 

The New Normal: A Women’s Panel Not About Women’s Issues

Posted by Ellen Rubin on 3/24/16 2:45 PM

I recently presented ClearSky at the Montgomery Summit in sunny Santa Monica. This was my second year presenting, and it was much more fun this time – last year, ClearSky was still in stealth mode, making it hard to share all the cool things we were building. This year, the show was even larger, with around 1500 attendees, and there was little evidence of a tech bubble meltdown with all the VCs, growth equity firms and entrepreneurs in attendance.

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Founder's Perspective

Rely on a Fully Managed Service for Primary Storage? Yes, You Can.

Posted by Courtney Pallotta on 3/8/16 10:18 AM

If you could do something better than you do it today, would you?

Today’s data-driven enterprises are required to transform and think cloud first when it comes to apps and infrastructure. But, most agree that the promise of cloud economics and infinite scalability is still unrealized for critical workloads.

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data