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It’s Your Box That’s Dead, Not the Storage Industry

Posted by Laz Vekiarides on 1/28/16 1:18 PM

Every now and then I run across something in a blog that is so aligned with what we are thinking, it feels like I couldn’t have written it better myself. It happened two weeks ago, when no sooner had we finished our session with Steve Herrod about the future of storage (“Is Storage Dead?”) that I read a post by storage guru, and aspiring rock guitarist, Steve Duplessie, who seemed to be reciting from a very similar hymnal.

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Solving the Data Mobility Problem at Long Last

Posted by Ellen Rubin on 1/18/16 9:00 AM

Some technology challenges loom large for a period of time, and then get resolved and fade away. Internet access, for example, and mobile payments. Other problems hang around for years, sometimes even longer. The one that has irked me in my own career for over five years now is data mobility. 

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Architectural Deep Dive: Global Storage Network, Founder's Perspective

Is Storage Dead?

Posted by Laz Vekiarides on 1/7/16 3:45 PM

The year 2015 turned out to be quite an interesting year for enterprise storage. Between the profusion of newly minted unicorns, a few IPOs and a relentless string of big merger and acquisition news, one would think that storage was the epicenter of all that is exciting in technology. It turns out that this isn’t the way things are perceived at all. After Dell hammered out an agreement to acquire EMC at the end of the year, the chorus of insiders proclaiming the death of data storage has become deafening.  

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Riding the Storage Performance Curve

Posted by Neil Glazebrook on 1/4/16 1:30 PM

Last weekend I enjoyed what surely has to be the final ride of the season. The weather was a balmy 65 degrees, and in the past 25 years of being an avid motorcyclist, I cannot remember getting out so late in the year. My buddy and I had a blast carving up the empty roads of western Massachusetts and enjoying the scenery.

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Architectural Deep Dive: Global Storage Network