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At Boston VMUG UserCon, Systems Come and Go, but Data is Forever

Posted by Laz Vekiarides on 6/23/15 5:19 PM

This last week, I was able to step away for a few hours to visit the Boston VMware User Group (VMUG) conference and see what’s hot and exciting in the VMware world. As I wandered through the exhibit area and various sessions, I was overcome by the weariness of the messaging, particularly around data storage. It felt as if the calendar was frozen in 2005. An IT version of Rip Van Winkle could have woken up from a 10 year slumber, and found that the storage dialog hasn’t shifted away from tried-and-true talking points – performance and cost of acquisition. Maybe I am seeing the past through rose-colored glasses, but it seems to me that it hasn’t always been this way.

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data , Founder's Perspective

Latency, the Hidden Killer of Cloud Adoption

Posted by Ellen Rubin on 6/2/15 10:16 AM

The public cloud model should be a no-brainer for enterprise data.  Rather than build out storage infrastructure yourself, you get infinite capacity on demand in a multi-tenant environment that keeps upfront costs down. In reality, the cloud today is mainly relegated to archival data, backup, disaster recovery and other workloads that don’t require stringent performance requirements. If the benefits of the cloud are impossible to deny, why are enterprises not adopting it widely?

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Bringing the Cloud to Primary Data , Architectural Deep Dive: Global Storage Network, Founder's Perspective