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Moving on from Legoland

Posted by Laz Vekiarides on 3/20/15 11:53 AM

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."
- Stephen Wright

As a bona fide technology geek, I have to confess that the success of Apple Computer over the last decade was hard to comprehend at first. Think about it from the perspective of a guy who was always at the bleeding edge of gadgetry: a digital media player with a proprietary file format? Seriously? I owned several of those.

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How to Survive a Tech Bubble: Thoughts from the Montgomery Summit

Posted by Ellen Rubin on 3/12/15 2:11 PM

At the Montgomery Summit this week, aside from escaping the Boston winter for beautiful Santa Monica, I had the opportunity to hear some great speakers. The conference draws a crowd of 2000 entrepreneurs, VCs and bankers from around the world, and mixes the tech world “sneakers and hoodie” types with blue-suited growth investors and glam LA personalities. It was fun to listen to pitches from tech startups like SOASTA, Bracket Computing and Coho Data, followed by Gwyneth Paltrow, Andy Jassy and Evan Spiegel.

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Topics: Enterprise Storage, Founder's Perspective

Net Neutrality and the Enterprise

Posted by Laz Vekiarides on 3/6/15 2:34 PM

One of the more entertaining debates that have been raging on the Internet over the last year – net neutrality – has finally been given an FCC mandate

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